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Water & Sewer Payments / GSC Parking Garage Payments

Payments posts the next business day. A fee of $2.30 per transaction will be applied to credit card transactions.
Make a one-time payment.

Enter either your account number or your first or last name and address to find the amount that you owe for your water and sewer service.

You may also register or log in to the system to view, update, add accounts to your profile for easy payment in the future.

Account Number 
Water and sewer service (Ex: 3XXXXXX-2XXXXXX)
- OR -
First or Company Name 
Use your formal name (eg, 'William' not 'Bill' or 'Rebecca' not 'Becky').
Last Name 
Street Address 
Do not enter street type or direction (eg, 'Dr', 'St', 'Pl').
The benefits of creating an account include:
  • Easy Reference in the Future
    By associating your account or accounts with a user account, you can see all of your payment information in one place.

  • Monthly Automatic Withdrawal (Autopay)
    The new autopay system is a free service that allows you to make monthly payments on your monthly balance owed. Monthly payments will be debited from your bank account on your bill's due date each month.